Eino Nangaku was born in 1936 and is Namibian. In 1961 he moved to Zimbabwe because he says, "there was some little trouble at home." Eino's art begins in his head where, he says he receives messages directly in his imagination by telepathy from living people and spirits. When asked what he does when no messages arrive, he replied, "That never happens, as long as you think about good things. If you think about bad things you can't get help, the messages won't come."

Eino Nangaku has exhibited widely in group shows in Zimbabwe and had a solo show at the National Gallery of Art of Zimbabwe in 1999.

All drawings are unframed.

1.9" x 12", $200
2. 9" x 12" $200
3. 9" x 12" $200
4. 9" x 12" $200

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